Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Finish! (just not mine)

I'm taking credit, however, because my double-dog-dare is what started it all.
Trixie Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run
Our son got a chicken coop for his birthday back in May.  It's one of those prefab, easy to build coops that's ready for chickens in a day, or two.

Of course, the moment I saw his cute little coop, I wanted one for my own chickens, but Richard decided that he could build a better one, and much cheaper.  But that was back in May.  

Since then hungry raccoons have come for a few meals.  Also since then seven little bantams were hatched.  We've housed them in a coop that at least has kept the coons away.  They are getting too big for that small coop, so I mentioned our buying a pretty house like Rory's.  

Well, I got that same "build a better blah, blah, blah."  Without thinking, I spouted off (something I tend to do), "Sure, sure you can. And you will....not."

Of course, he threatened to start "tomorrow."  I didn't really believe him would.  But he did!  

He's been working on it for weeks.  It's a slow process when all you can do is cut the wood and put in screws.  He has to wait for someone to come hammer in the nails, because he suffers too much with his back to lift heavy wood or hammer any nails, especially those monsters he likes.  

Check out his resourcefulness...Rich recycled a handle that Adam removed from the carrying frame of a new door.

A porch.  Yes, he added a porch on the front of the coop.  That's so the chickens can sit and cackle in the afternoon.

There's a roosting ledge that goes all around the house. And, thinking that maybe he'd like to have a few pigeons, he added some nests from a previous pigeon-house above the roost.

My very favorite are these two old hinges. They are old and rusty and way too big for this little door, but they came from my daddy's old barn in Plaucheville.  

People have been stealing the cypress wood off the barn and these were left behind, so Rich brought them home thinking he'd find a use for them.  I love the creaky sound they make when the door opens and closes.   

Plus, because they are so rusted, the door simply stays put at any angle--less worry about it closing on a chick.

How about this?  He's just too funny.  He asked me for an old wooden spool to use for a handle on the door latch, but I didn't have one.  I did have a new plastic spool and an old bent bobbin.  So the put the bobbin in first then added the spool on top to make a perfect handle.


and more nests.

and some really happy bantams.

Roost approved.

Not a bad life for a chicken!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pin It Weekly #121

Happy Weekly!  What are you pinning this week?

Top 10 Abandoned, Amazing and Unusual Old Homes. | Most Beautiful Pages

Old Green Farm House:

AbAndoned house

Abandoned Renaissance Faire, Fredericksburg, Virginia

abandoned, empty, forgotten

Forgotten old Victorian home


Abandoned, Forgotten, Rust, Abandoned Places, Abandoned House, Abandoned Building

abandoned house in France - I would love to know the stories behind these abandoned beauties!



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Low tide!... Deserted but not forgotten... Would like to stand in the upper window in the mist...

Ransom Gillis House in Brush Park, Detroit. This was once one of the grandest homes in Brush Park, which was a beautiful neighborhood in Detroit. Now most of the once proud homes in the area are abandoned.

Abandoned school in Kanona, Kansas.

Abriendo Puertas

Hiding in the weeds

There’s something beautiful in those old abandoned buildings, and I don’t know if that’s because of the spooky atmosphere or something else, but I admit, old abandoned buildings are amazing, and I’m not the only person that thinks this way.

With over 450 pins on my "forsaken, heritage" board, you'll find many more abandoned homes and buildings.  Go take a look!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Modern Monday

I've made a few of these little rosary wallets.  After I made one for myself, I got rather enthusiastic: I wrote this tutorial and cut out three or four more.  I've been able to sew up one.  So much for enthusiasm.

A friend who has a small shirt business (which I wrote about here) has asked me for help sewing the appliques onto some of her shirts. 

Those projects have kept me plenty busy enough, but then there's also been work.  Specifically, homecoming.  A parade, football game, class activities, pep rally, and dance.  I had to chaperon the dance, which means strobe lights, loud noises, sweaty smells, and a late night.  In a word, migraine.  Ah, the things we do for students.

So I've been keeping busy with lots of modern fabrics and small projects, but it's almost time to get back to a quilt or two.

What modern fabrics / projects have you been up to lately?

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: K I T C H E N

not that I've been in mine lately.  The kitchen is supposed to be the hub of the house, and ours was when the boys were teenagers and we couldn't afford the copious amounts of meat they consumed. 

Make space for two dishwashers instead of one. | 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home:

Love Ina Garten's kitchen organization ideas:): here's the Barefoot Contessa kitchen that inspired me. Go to this HouseBeautiful link. Counters are Caesarstone in Raven; Benjamin Moore White Dove cabinet color; love her modern simple hardware in brushed nickel too:

Easy and Smart Diy Kitchen Ideas in Bugget 4:

2013 Old New 30's by Lecien... nanaCompany: If you have always loved the look of a farmhouse inspired kitchen but aren't ready to rip out your old (or new) cabinets and countertops, there is a way to add a few inexpensive elements that can give you the feel you want!  Get 7 INEXPENSIVE tips to help give your kitchen a farmhouse feel!:

Reminiscent of robins' eggs, these 5 speckled enamelware bowls are too pretty to tuck in a drawer.:

Baking supplies storage. love the colors and love how accessible everything is:

Tinting mason jars:

And now the quilts...
fab quilt with a kitchen theme. I am in love with her patterns. I want this in my kitchen!

25 things to make and sew for the kitchen!: DIY potholder,recipe card, and spatula. Great gift idea!:

Oh my, these cute chickens made me laugh out loud!  A Cuppa Tea With Me: fairy garden:

Quilted teacups by Laurraine Yuyama.  Patterns at PatchworkPottery: Tea Time:
Protect your hands from grill and oven-related mishaps with this fantastic quilted oven mitts tutorial!:

Cups and Saucers, paper-pieced kitchen quilt design by Maaike Bakker | Martingale | December 2014:

Kitchen Stitching quilt by Pam RuBert | pamdora: China cupboard quilt by Pati Fried:

Ten Blocks, Ten Favorite Things quilt by Sandy Klop, from A Baker's Dozen - Kansas City Star Quilts book:

"Coffee with Vincent", a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh's still life, "Blue Enamel Coffeepot, Earthenware and Fruit".  Posted by Orange Crumpled Napkin.:

Coffee Cup Cafe, 10 x 22",  wall hanging applique pattern at Sweet Season Quilts: "In From The Cold" quilt top at The Shy One Sews, with link to free "Hot Cocoa" pattern by Kate Spain for Moda (2013):

Teapot Art Quilt, 17 x 36", by Kate Themel:

"Goin' Tea Party Mad",  35" x 68 1/2", at Robin's Quilt Nest.  Alice in Wonderland quilts.:

Four Teapots by Linda Morand, 2012 Wine Country quilt show, photo by Quilt Inspiration:

Cupsey Turvey quilt pattern by Karen Brow at Java House Quilts as seen at Quilt Inspiration: