Monday, April 14, 2014

Modern Monday is back!

Love this!   The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 4Remember my plan to write about modern quilts on Monday? Well, I haven't forgotten, I just haven't had anything to say.  Till now, that is.  The Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild ((NELA MQG) has started a traveling quilt bee.  

I've joined the fun. At the end of the bee, each of the participants will have a quilt top to finish into a lovely modern quilt.

The Traveling Quilts Bee - my addition to Heather's block by Happy Zombie, via FlickrI'm excited to be part of this bee idea.  Of course, I'll chronicle my adventure and hope that you'll join me here.  

I hope that this coming holiday will give me a chance to look at some modern traveling quilt bee ideas on Pinterest and also allow me to actually sew up a block or two.

The quilts on this page are a couple that are from previous traveling bees.  There's so much about them that I like.
But we'll talk about that later.  For now, I'd like to revel in the idea of quilting with others and for others. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S C U L P T U R E squared and shaped

Enjoy the inspiration of outdoor sculptures and some amazing modern quilt.  Shape inspiration from both.

David Smith's "Cubi XII" at the Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC by Peter Michel, via Flickr

Modern Quilting
RNA - The key to dream.  Kan Yasuda was born in the city of Bibai on Japan's nothern island Hokkaido in 1945. He moved to Italy in 1970 on a fellowship from the Italian Government and studied with Professor Pericle Fazzini at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Afterwards he set up his studio at Pietrasanta in nothern Italy, world famous for its superior quality marble. There he continues to live and work at marble and bronze sculptures.

Andy Goldsworthy whenever I see rocks balancing in a field I have to look. It's harder than it looks!

Washington DC - Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden - Voltri XV by David Smith by wallyg, via Flickr

Tutorial - quilting in a spiral on a DSM  -  The Quilting Edge

Barbara Hepworth sculpture garden and museum, St Ives, Cornwall

Barbara Hepworth's Sculpture Garden in Cornwall

Love the spiral

Barbara Hepworth's Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden Conservatory, Minneapolis

Love this modern quilt.

Stepping Stones

Friday, April 11, 2014

Who knows me so well?

A sister, for one.  She sent the card to me on Facebook.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pin It Weekly #60

I'm going to have to rename this weekly post!  
Wednesday is crazy.  
Fireworks quilt by Kate Henderson; from her book Strip Savvy

No.  Really.  Every. Wednesday.  
from the book Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett- fabric chosen by my daughter :)

But by Thursday I'm exhausted.  What will I do?

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

Up Down & All Around, an American Jane Pattern. Made this in different fabrics and it's one of my favorites.

Mikayla's quilt using jelly roll strips - original design | B Gelhausen

I will figure it out later.  Maybe next week.

LOVE the falling pieces at the bottom

Or the next.  For now here is my weekly.  With apologies.

log cabin quilt by Tim Latimer

"Sassy" quilt from Fresh Family Traditions by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life - a quilt blog  Beautiful quilt photography by Korindi Photography

Mustard And White Modern Quilt

Make a chevron quilt the easy way!

Pillow talk swap | Flickr - love those little crosses with the low volume

Happy Weekly,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life is Peachy

LOVE peaches!  I don't mean that I like them.  Don't mean peaches are my favorite fruit (they are!).  No, I mean something much more.  

Given the opportunity, I will pick peaches over just about any other food.  Well, almost any other thing.
(Thank you, Google, for the yummy pictures.)

Imagine my joy at seeing my pretty little peach tree loaded with baby peaches.  Oh, happiness!   The following pictures are from my wonderful little tree.  

I should explain that this tree is one that I "planted" by tossing a stone after eating a peach.  It happens that said stone landed under the pine trees and azalea bushes in the back yard.  That means the lawn mower never had an opportunity to eat it, so it grew and grew and grew.  

Three years into adulthood, and it's still producing peaches.  

 Even better, the number of peaches increases with every branch I checked.  Yay, maybe this year there will be enough to share.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring beauty?

Over the weekend we got a hard, pounding rain.  It's unreal how hard the rain came down. I figured that it beat everything to shreds, but when we walked out to look around, I was surprised at how pretty and clean my yard looks.  

The azaleas are just beginning to open. 

The bridal wreaths are sparkling in the shade of some old overgrown trees near the road.

 Even my roses look pretty good for this early in the year.  These are some we planted last year and almost lost to the heat. Badly weakened, somehow they survived, so I'm happy to see that they are looking better.  Maybe they will pick up and look like Knock Out Roses.  

 There's not a lot left of the wisteria except clusters of flowers in a few spots, but they are pretty and smell wonderful.  

This pot in the backyard has white verbena and dusty miller from last year.  The deep, blackish petunia didn't survive the winter. I haven't decided whether to remove some of the dusty miller and add a bit of color.  I guess it's time to make a decision.

Look how pretty the pot was last year.  I cheated, though, by buying a pot all put together and looking really good.  All I really had to do was add the Miracle Gro.  The problem?  It's not cheap!

I've had some of this for years now because it reminds me of my grandmother who always had some in the shady area on the side of her porch.  I now know that it's called bungle weed.  I keep a bit in a bed near the studio.  It's looking really good and green.  The little purple flowers are full.  I cleaned up around it so it can spread since it's a ground cover and needs space.

And that's the yard for now.  Let's see how it looks in a couple of months when the summer sun starts pounding down.  For Louisianans, the summer heat is as damaging as the occasional winter freezes.  Since we got hit with extremes of both in the last year, we'll have to work extra hard to keep things going this year.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Disney

Disney Princesses
This is the spring of Disney for our little grands.  They are all going to visit the princesses at some point before school gets out.  Of course that means lots of princess parties and enough pink and purple to create a headache.  So before my brain gets overloaded on Disney, I thought I'd find some inspiration in the pink and purple and sweetness of princess graces.

disney princesses go to high school

I can't even name all these princesses.  I'm betting there are a few little girls and maybe even some big girls in this family who can.

Need a princess?  Go to Pinterest.  Really, go.  Be warned, however, some of the pictures are not kid-friendly.  You can find each princess individually, though, and pictures of princes as well.  I can't say if they are copy-written, but I assume so.

Disney princes via

And now, the quilts....
Paper piecing Princess Disney quilt photo only Princess patterns on fandom in stitches

Mickey Mouse quilt- love it!! This is calling me back to Disney World! I don't know if I can take it any longer. I just want to get back to the happiest place on Earth ASAP!

Disney ISpy Baby Quilt by TwoGigglyGirls on Etsy, $80.00

Like villians?  Here's a different kind of quilt just for you.

Disney Villain Quilt - I would replace the villains with hero's. I love the design

If you like paper piecing, type in Disney quilt and you'll find a pp pattern for each of the princesses.  Here's Belle as an example.

Disney Princess Quilt - Jasmine pattern

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

I know exactly who I could make this for!  Mickey Mouse Quilt idea

Mickey Mouse Rainbow Quilt Ready to Ship 55 x 46. $175.00 USD, via Etsy.

Have a great week!